Emmanuel Arizmendi
Hello, I'm an Interactive Designer living in Portland, Oregon.
Currently working full-time as Lead Developer and Designer at an email marketing agency.
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design, self-taught myself to code HTML & CSS.
I've worked for AARP, About.com, Airbnb, Capital Group, Chili's, Cigna, Comcast Business, Defender Direct, Gamestop, JibJab, LinkedIn, Living Social, Nautilus, Omni Hotels, United States Postal Service, Wacom, World Ventures, and more.
In my downtime I like to lift weights, collect all 722+ Pokémon figures, and play soccer. I speak four languages and learning to speak a couple more.
Feel free to email me at, emailme@arizdesign.com, for any questions or just to say "Wazzup".
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Emmanuel Arizmendi - emailme@arizdesign.com